Prime Valley Payment Plan

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Prime Valley Payment Plan

Prime Valley Islamabad offers one of the most reasonable and affordable payment plans as compared to other housing societies. Affordability is the prime factor in this housing society. One of the reasons this project offers an affordable and easy payment plan is that this society is registered with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

It Is known that housing solutions or shelters are expensive in Pakistan. People who have middle-class income and less income cannot buy their desired plot or build their home. There are few housing societies that aim to provide pocket-friendly and affordable plots, one of them is Prime Valley Islamabad. 

How Prime Valley Islamabad payment plan is affordable is explained below:

Plot Categories and Payment Plan

Until now this society has announced 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Their payment plan and other requirements are explained here.

Prime Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Prime Valley Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The 5 Marla residential plot is the minimum plot size this society offers which can easily accommodate a normal size family. The total price of a 5 Marla plot is Rs 1,125,000 with a confirmation amount of 5% Rs 56,250. The down payment of this plot size is Rs 126,000 and its possession charges are an amount of Rs 112,750. 

The total amount of 5 Marla plots can be paid either in 35 monthly installments with Rs 12,000 each month. It can also be paid in 10 quarterly installments with Rs 41,000 each. As per the market analysis, it is one of the less expensive payment plans that this society offers with easy installments. Budget genres of every class could afford it and buy it. Book a 5 Marla plot today and get a high return rate very soon.

Prime Valley Islamabad 10 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The Prime Valley Islamabad 10 Marla residential plot best fits a middle size family and is easily affordable. It has a budget-friendly cost which could not be easily found at any other place at this rate. The total price of a 10 Marla plot is Rs 1,900,000 with an easy down payment of Rs 126,000. This plot size can be confirmed with an amount of Rs 95,000 which is 5% of the total amount. 

Importantly, it has a very pocket-friendly installment plan of 35 months and 10 quarterly installments. The installment amount of 35 months is Rs 19,000 each month and the amount of 10 quarterly installments is Rs 75,000 each. The possession charges of this plot category are Rs 200,000. These payment and installment plans are very cost-effective and easy. It is a golden opportunity for the investors of this housing society to book a plot here that can give a higher return rate very soon.

Prime Valley Islamabad 1 Kanal Plot Payment Plan

The 1 Kanal residential plot of this housing society has an incomparable price that is not easily possible to be available in other projects. It can accommodate larger families and is conveniently affordable for them. The total price of 1 Kanal plot is Rs 3,300,000 which is an inexpensive rate in comparison to market rates. This plot can be confirmed with a 5% amount which is Rs 165,000. Its down payment is Rs 330,000 and its possession charges are Rs 350,000. 

Furthermore, this plot has a very convenient installment plan with the option of monthly and quarterly installments. It has 35 monthly installments of Rs 33,000 each and 10 quarterly installments of Rs 130,000. As per the market analysis and other real estate projects, Prime Valley Islamabad 1 Kanal residential plot rate is unmatchable. It is a great opportunity to invest today and get a higher return rate soon.

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