Prime Valley Islamabad New Location


Prime Valley Islamabad new location is on the main CPEC route. The new location is in the vicinity of Prime Valley Islamabad and M14 D.I Khan Motorway. Therefore, you can easily access the new location of society. 


Prime Valley new location is easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This world-class housing project is a few kilometers from Fateh Jang Interchange and Islamabad Interchange.

Prime Valley New Location Map

Prime Valley Islamabad location is considered premium on the CPEC Route to enable flexible access from nearby landmarks. Moreover, you can easily access the society from Islamabad Downtown. 

You can travel on the main Kashmir Highway to reach Prime Valley Islamabad new location within a few minutes. You can also use the route of Margalla Road to access this world-class housing scheme easily.   

Nearby Landmarks

  • Capital Smart City
  • Fateh Jang 
  • Blue World City
  • Kingdom Valley
  • New Islamabad International Airport

Prime Valley Islamabad Map

You can easily view the map location of Prime Valley Islamabad on Google Maps.

prime valley islamabad location

Why did management change the location of Prime Valley Islamabad?

The developers changed the location of society to offer easy access from the various places of the twin cities. This new location offers an eco-friendly environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The management has chosen a new location accessible from the Islamabad and Fateh Jang Interchange.

The developers have done excellent planning to change the location of this exceptional housing scheme. They don’t want to disturb their customers with the previous because of the some issues. Therefore, developers want to ensure the ultimate satisfaction with the new location.

Importance of Location for Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley has become an important housing society in Islamabad because of the ideal location. The ideal location allows customers to access society from different nearby places easily. Therefore, you can visit your property in this society easily.

The premium location also ensures that the values of properties must be increased with the passage of time. Therefore, developers have chosen a new location to increase the worth of this phenomenal housing project. Prime Valley Islamabad new location is a phenomenal factor for high ROI. 

Easy Access

The premium location of society offers the easiest access from the nearby places. The purpose of allowing flexible access from the neighborhood is to enable the residents to visit their plots easily without facing any traffic issues. 

High ROI 

The location of society also has a phenomenal role in return on investment. The management has selected Prime Valley Islamabad new location in the vicinity of Islamabad to ensure the maximum profits for the investors within a very short period. 


The developers always choose the location for society in the premium neighborhood to attract potential investors. This phenomenal project has a new location in the neighborhood of New Islamabad International Airport. 


The premium location of society is adjacent to Islamabad City to ensure the phenomenal safety of the residents. It has become a safe housing project for residents who want to live safely. Therefore, you can also invest in a safe location without legal action.

Amenities and Facilities

The management offers fabulous facilities and amenities for the residents within the new location of society. Every customer can access the phenomenal facilities in this fabulous housing project.

Final Thoughts

Prime Valley Islamabad new location has been a new factor that attracts the local and overseas Pakistanis. You can easily access this fabulous housing project from joint cities within minutes. Moreover, the new location offers new investment opportunities with high ROI.

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