Prime Valley Islamabad Facilities, Amenities and Features

Prime Valley Islamabad Facilities, Amenities and Features

Prime Valley Islamabad Facilities

Prime Valley Islamabad is a project of the well-known personality MR Abdul Wajid, who is the owner of the Prime Institute of Health and Sciences. 

This NOC-approved project from relevant development authorities has a number of factors that are making the society different from other housing projects in Islamabad.

The society location is near to the Blue World City Islamabad, close to Chakri interchange. The management recently issued a pre-launched payment plan for residential plots, whereas the master plan of Prime Valley Islamabad is under process.

It is expected that the master plan will be prepared soon by top architects and engineers and will be launched by the developers soon.

We will be deeply focusing on the factors that are making this society different from others. Mainly on society’s aim to offer its residents free education and medical services, possession allotment and allotment announcement.

The facilities of this housing society are designed to offer a well-maintained living standard to their residents. The Prime Valley Islamabad Master plan offers all kinds of features, from basic necessities to opulent amenities. It provides all these extensive facilities at reasonable pricing and satisfies the needs of investors.

Prime Valley Islamabad Features

Following are the facilities and amenities that make the society different from the other housing project:

- Educational Institutions

The owner understands the significance of education, and to facilitate society with world-class education services, the management of Prime Valley Islamabad has made the decision to incorporate branches of prestigious educational institutions into the community. 

This is because education is a fundamental requirement for any housing development. The Prime Valley Chairman’s intention is to offer educational services within the society at a low cost, and the employees of these educational institutes will be of the highest possible caliber.

- Health Care Centers

Residents of Prime Valley Islamabad won’t have to leave the society to get medical care as the society plans to build a central healthcare unit, small clinics and healthcare centers in every block. 

As per the relevant source of information, the owner of the society has the desire to provide free health care services to the people living in this top housing society of Pakistan. The pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and other medical centers will have modern equipment and the best health care workers.

So, the people who want to invest in this society will have access to the free-of-cost most modern health care facilities, which is the factor after education that makes the society different from other housing projects in Islamabad.

- Wide Roads

For every housing society, wide roads and multiple road networks is an essential factor that helps in a steady flow of traffic. To achieve excellence over other societies, the Prime Valley Islamabad is constructing a 12-line main road inside the society. To make the connection with other blocks easy, a road network is going to be built.

An advanced traffic light system will be installed, and these roads will have sufficient widths to accommodate high volumes of traffic.

- Eco-Friendly Environment

The management of Prime Valley has placed a significant emphasis on ensuring that the community is environmentally friendly. Residents will have the opportunity to live a life close to nature, and a large area of the society is set aside for greenery. 

This will not only contribute to the environment of the society, but it will also contribute to the healthy environment that residents will enjoy. Green plants are going to be planned alongside roads, parks, and other green areas are going to be developed in every sector of society.

- Sports complex, parks, and lakes

Multiple recreational parks have been planned to be built across the society so that residents can make the most of their spare time and enjoy their leisure activities. In addition, there are plans to construct playgrounds for children and adults for sports activities on each and every block.

The master plan of Prime Valley Islamabad also includes making different lakes inside the parks, which will be a great area for families for their outings and for jogging along the sides of the lake.

- All Basic utilities

All of the basic amenities will be provided by the society to their residents at the most affordable prices. The water supply, gas supply, and electricity that will be provided at Prime Valley are guaranteed to be available 24/7. 

In addition, the provision of these amenities is considered a smart provision because an underground network of electricity and water line is installed, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also increases the level of safety.

- Gated Community

The Prime Valley Islamabad does not compromise on the resident’s safety; there are multiple factors taken into account by the developers to make the society a safe and peaceful place to live. 

The society has a secured entrance, at multiple entrances of society there are professional security personnel; inside the society, CCTV cameras are installed, and an advanced security system is implemented by management that is used for object and face recognition.

Prime Valley Islamabad Possession and allotment announcement

As the society is formally launched and management issued the pre-launched payment plan, but due to the under-processed master plan, the society has not announced the allotment yet. 

After the balloting of the plots, the society will officially announce the possession and its policy. Makaan Solutions, the top real estate firm, will share the possession policy with those who are interested in investing in Prime Valley Islamabad.


Prime Valley Islamabad is an affordable investment option and a top housing project in Islamabad. The smart features, facilities, and amenities of this project are making the society different from other housing societies. Additionally, this project is under the flag of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and NOC approved, which is safe for investment.

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